2007-4938 | MPlayer aviheader.c memory corruption (BID-25648 / XFDB-36581)

CVSS Meta Temp Score Current Exploit Price (≈) CTI Interest Score
10.0 $0-$5k 0.17

A vulnerability was found in MPlayer up to 1.0rc1 (Multimedia Player Software) and classified as very critical. This issue affects some unknown functionality of the file libmpdemux/aviheader.c. The manipulation with an unknown input leads to a memory corruption vulnerability. Using CWE to declare the problem leads to CWE-119. Impacted is confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The weakness was released 09/12/2007 with Code Audit Labs (Website). It is possible to read the advisory at securityfocus.com. The identification of this vulnerability is CVE-2007-4938 since 09/18/2007. The exploitation is known to be difficult. The attack may be initiated remotely. No form of authentication is needed for a successful exploitation. Technical details of the vulnerability are known, but there is no available exploit. The pricing for an exploit might be around USD $0-$5k at the moment (estimation calculated on 07/21/2021).

The vulnerability scanner Nessus provides a plugin with the ID 26902 (Mandrake Linux Security Advisory : mplayer (MDKSA-2007:192)), which helps to determine the existence of the flaw in a target environment. It is assigned to the family Mandriva Local Security Checks.

There is no information about possible countermeasures known. It may be suggested to replace the affected object with an alternative product.

The vulnerability is also documented in the databases at SecurityFocus (BID 25648), X-Force (36581), Secunia (SA27016), Vulnerability Center (SBV-16267) and Tenable (26902). Entries connected to this vulnerability are available at 38834, 38833 and 38832.



VulDB Meta Base Score: 10.0
VulDB Meta Temp Score: 10.0

VulDB Base Score: 10.0
VulDB Temp Score: 10.0
VulDB Vector: 🔍
VulDB Reliability: 🔍

🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍
🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍
🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍 🔍
Vector Complexity Authentication Confidentiality Integrity Availability
unlock unlock unlock unlock unlock unlock
unlock unlock unlock unlock unlock unlock
unlock unlock unlock unlock unlock unlock

VulDB Base Score: 🔍
VulDB Temp Score: 🔍
VulDB Reliability: 🔍

NVD Base Score: 🔍

Class: Memory corruption
CWE: CWE-119
ATT&CK: Unknown

Local: No
Remote: Yes

Availability: 🔍
Status: Not defined

Price Prediction: 🔍
Current Price Estimation: 🔍

0-Day unlock unlock unlock unlock
Today unlock unlock unlock unlock

Nessus ID: 26902
Nessus Name: Mandrake Linux Security Advisory : mplayer (MDKSA-2007:192)
Nessus File: 🔍
Nessus Risk: 🔍
Nessus Family: 🔍

OpenVAS ID: 830179
OpenVAS Name: Zoho ManageEngine Support Center Plus Multiple Fields XSS Vulnerabilities
OpenVAS File: 🔍
OpenVAS Family: 🔍

Threat Intelligenceinfoedit

Interest: 🔍
Active Actors: 🔍
Active APT Groups: 🔍Recommended: no mitigation known
Status: 🔍

0-Day Time: 🔍

09/12/2007 🔍
09/12/2007 +0 days 🔍
09/12/2007 +0 days 🔍
09/18/2007 +5 days 🔍
09/18/2007 +0 days 🔍
10/02/2007 +14 days 🔍
10/07/2007 +5 days 🔍
06/04/2008 +241 days 🔍
03/16/2015 +2475 days 🔍
08/11/2017 +879 days 🔍
07/21/2021 +1440 days 🔍Advisory: securityfocus.com
Organization: Code Audit Labs
Status: Not defined

CVE: CVE-2007-4938 (🔍)
SecurityFocus: 25648 – MPlayer AVIHeader.C Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Secunia: 27016 – Mandriva update for mplayer, Moderately Critical
X-Force: 36581
Vulnerability Center: 16267 – Mplayer Buffer Overflow Allows Remote Attacker to Execute Arbitrary Code and Cause DoS, Medium
OSVDB: 45940 – MPlayer libmpdemux/aviheader.c AVI File Handling Overflow

See also: 🔍

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Updated: 07/21/2021 21:58
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