3GO Launches Cyber Scores for Individuals

A new approach to cybersecurity gives consumers tools to manage risk

SAN FRANCISCO, March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 3GO Security today announced the launch of 3GO Score & Secure – a free tool to help consumers understand and mitigate their risk of cyber attacks. To get a Cyber Score, an individual can create a free account at https://3go.com/individual/ and answer assessment questions. Based on their answers, 3GO generates an initial Cyber Score, which indicates cyber resilience the way a credit score signals creditworthiness. 3GO also generates a personalized action plan for each person to help them raise their score and improve their security.

“We need a fresh approach to protecting people from cyber-attacks which continue to grow and get more sophisticated,” says 3GO CEO and Co-Founder Alex Ruiz. “Online security is just as important as physical security, and most people are not taking the most basic precautions. When we dug into that, we found much uncertainty. People don’t know their risk level or what to do about it. They read advice or tips but don’t feel confident. Starting with a score is a new way to engage consumers and show them their progress toward protection.”

“As a Cybersecurity leader and vocal advocate for more tools that enable consumers to protect themselves, I’m excited that 3GO is making it easy for everyone to understand and reduce their cyber risk in a systematic manner,” stated Dr. Kimberlee Brannock, a cybersecurity strategist, and 3GO Advisor. “Right now, our consumer protections aren’t keeping up with the sophistication of cybercriminals. We need everyone in this fight, and 3GO is providing a way for consumers to do their part to protect their accounts, devices, home networks, data, and privacy.”

“Our mission is to protect millions of individuals and small businesses from cybercrime. Consumers are starting to feel helpless and hopeless about cybercrime, and we want to show them they have the power to protect themselves,” noted Ruiz.

About 3GO Security
3GO Security brings expert cybersecurity to individuals and small businesses, guiding them through the assess-plan-mitigate process used by large companies with extensive cybersecurity resources. Learn more at www.3GO.com

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