Australian Cyber Security Strategy outlines how government plans to tackle cyber crime

A ransomware playbook for businesses and attracting migrants with cyber expertise are some of the ways Australia will look to bolster its cybersecurity, according to a new federal government plan.

The 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy has outlined ways the Australian government and its agencies would try to better protect themselves, individuals and businesses from cyber criminals – a year after millions of Optus and Medibank customers had their personal data leaked in high-profile cyber attacks.

The report also comes a week after the nation’s digital spy agency revealed reports of cybercrime were up 23 per cent on the year before and were now being made to law enforcement agencies every six minutes.

Cyber Security and Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil pointed the finger at the previous government for leaving Australia in a “cyber slumber,” but promised the plan would make businesses, government agencies and individuals more difficult targets for cybercriminals. 

Ms O’Neil also noted that while the cyber threat is growing, cybersecurity provided an opportunity for jobs and product development.

Ransomware playbook for businesses

As part of the $586 million plan, the government has committed to better-protected infrastructure, while also funding cyber awareness programs to better educate the population.

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