Baltimore Port Receives $ 1.6 Million Federal Grant to Improve Cyber ​​Security – CBS Baltimore

Baltimore (WJZ) — The Port of Baltimore has received a $ 1.6 million grant from FEMA to strengthen its cybersecurity infrastructure, the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Office announced on Monday.

“As the port of Baltimore continues to grow and expand, our administration has promised to ensure that it remains one of the safest ports in the country,” Governor Larry Hogan said in a statement. I mentioned in. “Cybersecurity is of increasing concern in our world, and this funding will help Baltimore Port protect itself from serious cyber threats.”

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Since 2005, the port’s state-owned public terminals have received more than $ 20 million from FEMA’s Port Security Grant Program to protect against cyberattacks.

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Funds were spent on strengthening access control to the port and upgrading physical security equipment such as fences, lights and surveillance cameras.

“Security is important to the maritime industry and the port of Baltimore has a reputation as a safe and secure place for our workers and customers,” MDOT Secretary Greg Slater said in a statement. “As the port continues to lead Maryland’s economic recovery, this grant will help us focus security on our day-to-day operations even more strongly.”

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Baltimore Port handles the country’s largest volume of automobiles and light trucks, rolls on / rolls off heavy and construction equipment, and ranks 11th among the major US ports for processed cargo, officials said. Stated.

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