Bisleri plans to intensify online presence; to scale service in 40 cities

George said that with the company’s strategy of being closer to the market for agility and service, it is increasing its manufacturing capacities in key markets.

On the impact of the pandemic on businesses, he said that the overall general trade and modern trade business have been reassuring even though the segments like ‘HORECA’, referred to the food and hospitality services industry, and corporates are still muted.

“We are optimistic for the future as we believe that things will improve. We are hopeful that most sectoral trends will stabilize in the next 4-6 quarters, and we will have a new baseline for the industry,” he said.

Speaking on the product front, the Bisleri CEO noted that the company has recently conducted a soft launch of its ‘Bisleri Hand Purifiers’ which come in three variants.

“We will officially announce the launch of the Bisleri Hand Purifiers soon.”

Further, Bisleri has re-launched the ‘Fizzy Fruit Drinks’ as a healthier option. It has launched three brands — Fonzo, Limonata and Spyci with different price points of Rs 10, 20 and 40.

Regarding the company’s efforts towards relief and safety of its employees amid Covid-19, he said that the staff has been housed closer to the plants to reduce exposure in certain locations.

“Processes are in place to ensure the safety of the delivery personnel’s trade and consumers — like sanitizing vehicles after every trip and protective gear for delivery staff. Apart from regular medical insurance, we have provided additional Covid insurance of Rs 3 lakh.

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