Brunello Cucinelli developing eyewear with Oliver Peoples

Luxury Italian brand Brunello Cucinelli is partnering with Oliver Peoples, part of the Luxottica group, to launch its first eyewear capsule collection.

The collection will be made in Italy with five different styles inspired by the culture and beauty of Solomeo, where Brunello Cucinelli is based. With the shapes and colours, the result of “creative work,” designed to express the authentic craftsmanship of both brands.

Brunello Cucinelli, said in a statement: “I am honoured by this very pleasant start to our partnership with Oliver Peoples, a company that has developed with extremely valuable and highly skilled products, exclusive for their contemporary, young and refined taste.

“I fully share the values of the majestic Luxottica and its founder, Cavalier Leonardo Del Vecchio, a man I hold in high esteem, with whom I share a love for our land and our people. In our entrepreneurial ventures we have supported the idea of preserving and beautifying those places that have inspired our lives; I am thrilled by the relationships that have been forged by our children and I hope that this mutual esteem will give them prosperity for times to come.”

Brunello Cucinelli’s debut eyewear collection will be unveiled as early as the end of September 2021, added the luxury brand.

Rocco Basilico, chief executive of Oliver Peoples, added: “It is an immense honour for us too, as well as a real privilege, to partner with Brunello Cucinelli, a man I hold in high esteem and the founder of a brand with whom we share a well-defined identity rooted in the territory, but also fundamental values that are essential to us, such as craftsmanship, the quality of the raw materials, and excellence in the care of every detail.

“We are thrilled with this collaboration and the resulting collection, which is the outcome of a great shared vision.”

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