City Of Tulsa Still Recovering From May Cyberattack

A cyberattack hit the city of Tulsa back in May, impacting the city’s entire computer system. On Tuesday, Mayor G.T. Bynum announced that all city services should be back up and running by mid-September; that’s about six weeks sooner than expected.

The announcement comes roughly two months after a cyberattack hit the city’s computer systems.

“We really stand out among cities that have been impacted by an attack like this in having stopped it before it could lock up our system and have its full impact,” said Mayor Bynum to News On 6.

The mayor said the reason for that is because the city council invested more than $400,000 in software back in 2019. That equipment, Bynum said, let the city’s Information Technology (IT) team detect the attack and take everything offline before more damage could be done.

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