Fortinet Integrates its Firewall into Dragos Platform to Enhance OT Security

Fortinet on Thursday announced that Fortinet’s FortiGate will be the first firewall integrated into the Dragos Platform, extending the benefits of the Security Fabric platform and leveraging its purpose-built Secure Processing Units (SPUs). 

The integration of the FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) with the Dragos Platform provides customers with an integrated and robust security solution delivering asset visibility, inventory, vulnerability management and threat detection for industrial asset owners. 


Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFW helps address these challenges by integrating with the Dragos Platform to provide response actions to threat detections. This complements FortiGate’s capabilities by introducing OT-specific detections from the Dragos Platform that can be blocked by the firewall. 

Additionally, the integration removes the customer’s burden of maintenance and technical debt and enables more automation around the cybersecurity attack surface. As a result, organizations save time, reduce errors associated with manual entry, and get more seamless protection with these two industry leading systems interacting in an automated way. 

The new FortiGate integration adds to an existing Dragos Platform integration with FortiSIEM. Dragos customers can gain faster access to telemetry data for analytics, more automatable incident response, and enterprise customers gain more efficient control over multiple FortiGate deployments. 

The program brings together a community of global technology partners, like Dragos, with specialized expertise, and makes available resources and tools to facilitate integration. Fortinet collaborates with partners such as Dragos to deliver integrated end-to-end security solutions that leverage the industry-leading Fortinet Security Fabric.  

Jon Lavender, Chief Technology Officer, and Founder at Dragos
As a major provider of firewall technology, the technical integration with FortiGate is a milestone addition to the Dragos Platform. It enables us to combine our leading asset visibility, vulnerability management, threat detection, and response capabilities with FortiGate’s network protection and control functionality to further secure industrial and operational technology processes for our joint customers.

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