Improve Your Network Perimeter Defenses

Perimeter defense is one level of defending your network from attacks, and it works wonderfully to protect as a firewall from external attacks. Perimeter defense is just part of the protection suite. Defense in depth means that several layers of security protect your network and its data, here is a list of free tools that can improve the security posture of your Perimeter defenses:

Network perimeter defenses

  • Gatekeeper – First open source Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection system.
  • fwknop – Protects ports via Single Packet Authorization in your firewall.
  • ssh-audit – Simple tool that makes quick recommendations for improving an SSH server’s security posture.

Firewall appliances or distributions

  • OPNsense – FreeBSD based firewall and routing platform.
  • pfSense – Firewall and router FreeBSD distribution.