Israel Shipyards, IAI announce cybersecurity collaboration agreement

Israel Shipyards and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have signed an agreement to collaborate in developing a cybersecurity system for vessels, the companies announced on Thursday.

Approximately 95% of Israel’s imports arrive via ports.

In a statement, the IAI and Israel Shipyards noted that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) recently updated the cybersecurity demands for vessels and ports. This correlates with the growing threats of cyberattacks all over the world.
The statement added that any potential cyberattack on Israel’s ships or ports could harm the stability and functioning of Israeli maritime transport.

The cybersecurity system to be developed will incorporate defense mechanisms specified to the technical aspects of marine vessels.

“We are proud to cooperate with the IAI. Our cooperation blends Israel Shipyard’s experience and expertise in the field of construction and maintenance of military and commercial vessels, with IAI’s cyber capabilities,” said Israel Shipyard Chairman Samy Katsav.

“The collaboration with Israel Shipyards provides a cyber defense solution for commercial vessels. The IAI is a national source of knowledge in the cyber field and the agreement will provide a capable cybersecurity system for all vessels built by Israel Shipyards,” said IAI CEO Boaz Levy.

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