Latest Victims of Cyber Security Attacks

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Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone, regardless of size or industry. This is largely because, as any Security Consultant will tell you, a data breach can happen for a variety of reasons. It can range from issues with Employee Attitude to Security to poor Password Management.

Sadly, the above means that attacks are a common occurrence in the digital age. That’s why today, we’re looking at three of the latest victims of cyber security attacks and the impact of each threat.



At the beginning of last month, Kaseya suffered one of the worst ransomware attacks known to date. The Florida-based IT management provider was hit by a so-called supply chain attack, which meant that it spread through software that other companies were utilising (see below). It took 19 days for Kaseya to bring most of the issue to a close when it obtained a universal key to unlock key files and scrambled data.

In all, it is estimated that 800 to 2,000 businesses were affected worldwide, with one of the most prominent being:


Coop Sweden

The cyber security breach at Kaseya meant that hundreds of coop supermarket stores in Sweden were forced to shut down temporarily in July. The hack spread through corporate networks from the US company to eventually hit Coop Sweden paying systems.

Despite the supermarket chain not using Kaseya, one of their software providers does, and this rendered their tills and self-service checkouts useless until the system could be rebooted effectively. It therefore underlines the vulnerability many companies have to cyber-attacks and the importance of Supply Chain Security.


UK Schools

Network security dangers haven’t solely affected corporations recently either. In the UK, six schools on the Isle of Wight were hit by a cyber-attack in early August that compromised their IT systems. The ransomware attack encrypted the schools’ data and left staff with no access to their network, causing logistical issues and concern from the county. It has also encouraged discussion of new online security measures.


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