Make it simple, but significant

With this famous quote from Don Draper in mind, I designed the new Spring Summer 2022 collection, says Hubert van Schaijik, owner and creative director of Mara May. After the success of the Spring Summer 2021 collection, where Mara May first added woven cotton and linen styles to the collection, he decided to repeat and expand it further.

Demand form the market

Mara May was originally a cotton-based knitwear label for women who do not want or cannot wear wool. However, we received more and more demand from the market for woven articles in the sustainable natural materials that Mara May’s customers are used to. Our answer to this question was reflected in the Spring Summer 2021 collection. It was more or less a try-out that turned out very well. Despite the lockdowns, our customers have sold Mara May very well. Our product in combination with the service we offer, such as free exchanges, have ensured that all our customers have worked successfully with Mara May.

Stylish, feminine in natural materials

Make it simple but significant has always been applicable to the knitwear collection and will definitely be applicable for the Spring Summer 2022 collection. You will not see loud prints or bright colors with us, according to Hubert. White, blue and pink will once again dominate this season. In addition to the more fitted models, the majority of the collection consists of wide, loose-fitting and comfortable, but certainly feminine, models.

The Spring delivery (January) consists of stretch cotton and viscose, the Summer delivery (March) exceptionally consists of 100% linen designs. Almost every model in our collection is simple but significant and therefore a must-have for every woman who prefers natural materials in stylish and feminine designs.

New path

With this new path that the Brand has embarked on, Hubert is convinced that Mara May will play an increasingly significant role in the segment in which they operate, both in the Netherlands and abroad. He is therefore very optimistic about the future of his brand.

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