Microsoft backtracks on Windows 11 using dark mode by default

During the Inspire event, Microsoft announced that it would ship commercial Windows 11 SKUs in dark mode by default to support remote work. A week later, the company is backtracking on this decision.

Speaking at Inspire event, Melissa Grant, Director of Windows Enterprise Marketing, explained that dark mode would be the default standard for commercial Windows 11 because users are spending “much more time staring at bright screens”.

“Since we’re spending so much more time staring at bright screens, not just for endless email, but also countless meetings, plus keeping up with our personal lives, to give your eyes a rest we’re going to ship all of the Windows 11 commercial SKU in that IT favourite – beautiful dark mode by default. Of course, light mode is available if that’s your preference.” -Melissa Grant

In a statement to BleepingComputer, a Microsoft spokesperson clarified that the above information was inaccurately shared during the Inspire event. The company told us that Windows 11 SKUs will continue to default to light mode, but PC manufacturers can ship devices with dark mode if they want to.

“We are aware that inaccurate information about Windows 11 shipping in dark mode on by default to all commercial SKUs was recently shared and apologize for the confusion,” Microsoft told BleepingComputer.

“To clarify, Microsoft will ship Windows 11 SKUs in light mode on by default. However, OEMs can choose to ship their devices in dark mode and customers will have the choice to easily customize their experience in Settings to dark mode or light mode.”

“Of course, users can always switch between dark or light mode from Windows Settings and Microsoft has also confirmed that it will “continue listening to customer feedback to ensure Windows 11 meets customers’ needs.”

It is unclear why Microsoft backtracked on their decision, but based on their statement, it is likely due to negative customer feedback regarding the change.

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