Microsoft releases the first official Windows 11 ISOs

Windows 11

Microsoft has finally released the first official ISOs for Windows 11, allowing users to perform clean installs of the new operating system.

Microsoft released their first preview build of Windows 11 at the end of June, and since then, users have been eagerly anticipating the first release of ISO images.

Today, Microsoft released ISOs for Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.132 on the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page, which you can use to perform a clean installation or an in-place upgrade.

With these ISOs, users will also get a look at Windows 11 new setup experience (out of box experience), which guides the user through the initial setup of the operating system.

“As you use these ISOs to install Windows 11, you will go through the new Windows 11 setup experience (often referred to as the “out of box experience” or OOBE for short) which is designed to build excitement for Windows 11 right from the moment you first turn on a new Windows 11 PC for the very first time,” explains Microsoft in an announcement.

“Based on your feedback, we have added the ability to name your PC during the setup experience too. After running through the setup experience, the Get Started app is a new first run experience app that will help you quickly get setup on a new PC. Try these things out and let us know what you think!

How to download Windows 11 ISOs

To download the Windows 11 ISO, you need to first join the Windows Insider Program.

After joining, you can go to the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page and select the Windows version you wish to download. There are currently Windows 11 ISOs for the Dev and Beta channel and are the same builds.

Windows 11 ISOs are now available from Microsoft
Windows 11 ISOs are now available from Microsoft

Once you download the ISO, you can burn it to a bootable USB drive and then boot off the drive on another device to perform a clean installation or in-place upgrade.

Windows 11 is expected to be released this October or November and comes with many new features and massive user interface overhaul

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