Microsoft’s fix for Windows 10 gaming issues is coming soon

Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10’s March 2021 updates and subsequent updates, some users have been experiencing performance issues when playing games. These gaming issues include decreased frame rate, stuttering in certain games, and flickering textures.

The problem was widely reported in March and NVIDIA had even recommended that users should remove the recent Windows 10 updates to resolve these issues in response.

In April, a server-side emergency patch was immediately issued by Microsoft in response to user complaints and the same fix is now included in July 2021 patch for Windows 10 version 21H1, 20H2, and version 2004. However, some users are still having issues, suggesting that the patch was incomplete.

Thankfully, Microsoft is testing another fix. In release notes of beta build 19043.1147, Microsoft has confirmed that it’s working on a fix for an issue that prevents power plans and game mode from working, causing lower FPS and reduced performance for gamers.

“We fixed an issue that prevents power plans and Game Mode from working as expected. This results in lower frame rates and reduced performance while gaming,” the company noted in the changelog.

In addition to gaming fix, Microsoft is also fixing an issue that causes the File Explorer window to lose focus when you are mapping a network drive.

These bug fixes will be released in the production channel as part of the upcoming optional update and August 2021 Patch Tuesday.

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