Oracle Makes Fusion Marketing, Lead Generation and Qualification Solution, Available


Oracle’s Oracle Fusion Marketing is available to customers as of this week. Part of Oracle Advertising and CX, Fusion Marketing enables marketers to create campaigns that span traditional marketing and advertising channels. According to Oracle, it’s engineered to bypass the entire lead qualification and conversion process.

Aimed at helping marketers execute campaigns that generate qualified sales opportunities and accelerate deal cycles, Fusion Marketing uses artificial intelligence to automatically score leads at the account level, predict when consumers are ready to talk to a salesperson, and generate a qualified sales opportunity in any customer relation management (CRM) system.

CRM systems can be tedious, with disconnected workflows, too much manual administration, and siloed data. These have been known to prevent sales and marketing teams from working with each other to engage customers and drive revenue — making the disconnect between sales and marketing teams a growing challenge, as the B2B buying process becomes more complex.

“It is time for our industry to think differently about marketing and sales automation so that we can transform CRM into a system that actually works for both the marketer and the salesperson,” said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience. “This is not about forecasts and rollups or a reporting tool to see how the sales force is performing, but instead about turning CRM into a system that helps sellers sell.

According to Oracle, Fusion Marketing is designed to simplify and accelerate the creation and execution of marketing campaigns by automating the end-to-end process of lead generation and qualification — allowing any marketer to build and run campaigns with consistent messages across advertising and email channels in a short amount of time.

“Customer experience is so critical to customer acquisition and lifetime value that sellers can no longer afford to optimize customer touchpoints independently. The new challenge is to provide seamless continuity across the entire front office, which requires an infrastructure based on connected clouds,” said Gerry Murray, research director, IDC. “Fusion Marketing builds on Oracle’s engineering history and is a good fit for those looking for a suite of pre-integrated experience capabilities that sits on top of a complete cloud stack.”

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