What is a cyber-attack, what types are there and what is it used for?

63% of companies already outsource cybersecurity services, according to a recent study by Deloitte. Education and research are the hardest hit sectors. The consulting firm CheckPoint estimates that organisations in these sectors alone receive more than 1,600 attacks per week.

What is a cyber-attack

A cyber-attack is a computer attack aimed at blocking, damaging or stealing information from the system of an entity, organisation or company. However, the answer to the question of what a cyber-attack is can be much broader, as it can also be directed towards private individuals, for the same purposes or for other reasons.

Types of cyber-attacks

There are as many types of cybersecurity attacks as there are malicious objectives a cybercriminal might have. To summarise, these are the most common and well-known types of cyber-attacks.

What does cybersecurity involve?

Cybersecurity is the set of measures and tools intended to protect users, networks or equipment from cyber-attacks.

It uses the acronym CIA to protect data:

  • Confidentiality: Only authorised users can and should access files and equipment.
  • Integrity: The information is as it should be, and no data has been altered by a third party.
  • Access: Resources should always be available when users need to access them.

Where to study cybersecurity in Spain

Currently, there are many options to study cybersecurity in Madrid or Barcelona, mainly. Universities such as the Catalonia Polytechnic, the Madrid Polytechnic and the European University of Madrid are some of the places to study cybersecurity.

But it is not necessary to do a postgraduate degree exclusively. There are also vocational training courses, specialisation courses and other paths to training in this field. More and more companies are asking how much a cybersecurity officer charges, but the truth is that there is no close-ended answer to this question. It depends on many factors, mainly the scale of the service to be provided.

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